Social Media


Social media can be a positive form of communication for students and parents. However, some concerns have arisen in schools where parents use social media networks to make critical remarks of the school, students, and/or individual members of staff.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School has always encouraged parents to have open and direct communication with the school and staff. We also encourage parent contact with the Principal where there are problems, grievances and/or conflicts involving school matters.

Inappropriate comments in social media have the potential to defame an individual without them being aware of the critical remarks that have been posted. This medium also has the potential to inflame situations in the public domain because comments can be traced and downloaded.

In serious cases, we should all be aware that individuals defamed can make a civil claim for defamation of character through the legal process. Taking an issue to a social networking site instead of discussing it with the Principal or teacher involved, can also damage a school’s reputation. These actions are unhelpful in resolving problems and can breach trust and privacy.

The enrolment contract and the associated enrolment policies in our school stipulate the need for the school and parents to work together co-operatively. This is an essential term of enrolment. The values implicit in this approach, especially in a Catholic school, cannot be achieved by indirect critical comments of teachers and others in the social media.

School Events:

The school does not give permission to parents or others to post images, video or dialogue on school events or happenings. Any such postings are not approved by the school unless express permission is given by the Principal. Our strong preference is that school activities and events be kept free from social media publications. As a matter of permission and privacy, our school staff requests that parents not post staff images or video of staff members.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School encourages parent support in this important matter.

“Take Home Message”:
If you have an issue or difficulty with the school, please give us a call and we will try to resolve the matter together. (Contact us before you ‘post’ on social media.)