Creative Arts


Holy Family Catholic Primary School celebrates a vibrant Creative Arts Program! The Creative Arts can stimulate learning, increase student motivation and be enjoyed by the entire school community.

Creative Arts at Holy Family School includes:

  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance


“… Thank you among the peoples,
to play music to you among the nations.”
(Psalm 58:9)


In Creative Arts, Holy Family Catholic Primary School aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for students to have experiences in the full range of Creative Arts.
  • Provide students with knowledge, understanding and experiences in the visual arts, music, dance and drama.
  • Encourage student appreciation, self-expression, technical competence and creativity.
  • Provide students with opportunities to manipulate a variety of materials and to use tools and implements according to their needs, interests and abilities.
  • Develop student understanding of the place and importance of Creative Arts in Australian society and in other societies and cultures.
  • Develop student skills in problem solving, analysis, synthesis, communication, information gathering, research and the use of technology, including computers.


Visual Arts:

  • Making
  • Appreciating
  • Student Art Show
  • Competitions
  • Class lessons
  • Integration across KLA’s
  • Liturgical banners
  • Computer Lab
  • Photography


  • Performing
  • Organising sound
  • Listening
  • Specialist Music teaching (K-3)
  • Musica Viva Presentation
  • Liturgy
  • Part school assemblies
  • Eisteddfod
  • ABC Sing series
  • Guitar group
  • Vocal group
  • Recorder instrumental group
  • School Band
  • Piano lessons


  • Making
  • Performing
  • Appreciating
  • Year 5/6 Social
  • Part school assemblies
  • Family Night presentation
  • Liturgy
  • Sport / PE sessions
  • Visiting performers
  • Musica Viva


  • Performing
  • Composing
  • Appreciating
  • Part school assemblies
  • Family Night presentation
  • Liturgy

* * *

Holy Family School values a strong focus on the Creative Arts. Through this aspect of school activity, we develop creativity and share in an appreciation of the arts.