Professional Learning Community

Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst has implemented the 'Professional Learning Community' Model across all Diocesan schools. The PLC Model is best described as:

"... a collaboration of teachers, administrators, parents and students, who work together to seek out best practices,
test them in the classroom, continuously improve processes and focus on results."

Our PLC work at Holy Family Catholic Primary School follows the five commitments which are priorities in our schools:

  1. Collaborative Teams meet regularly with the focus on learning. The whole school is referred to as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) structured into Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) across stages at the school.
  2. Essential Learnings are determined collaboratively by PLTs.
  3. Common agreed assessments for, of and as learning are developed collaboratively and inform the teaching and learning cycle.
  4. A school-wide plan for student intervention is collaboratively developed and systemically implemented.
  5. The Model of Christ Centred Learning is a key reference document in implementing the agreed curriculum.

Our PLC work has three guiding 'BIG IDEAS':

  1. Ensuring that all students learn.
  2. A culture of collaboration.
  3. A focus on results.

Six Characteristics of a PLC:

  1. Mutual support and trust among teachers.
  2. Shared vision and values.
  3. Focus on improving student learning.
  4. Focus on teacher growth and professional learning.
  5. Intentional and systematic support of the collaborative model.
  6. Inquiry-based approach and use of evidence.

Our PLC work has six guiding 'QUESTIONS':

  1. What is it we want students to know? (Curriculum)
  2. How will we know if our students are learning? (Assessment)
  3. How will we respond if our students are not learning? (Instruction)
  4. How will we enrich and extend the learning for students who are already proficient? (Instruction)
  5. How will we increase our instructional competence? (Teacher development)
  6. How will we co-ordinate our efforts as a school? (Leadership)