Holy Family Catholic Primary School is a Cathedral Parish Catholic Primary School. It was established in 1979 to primarily support the Catholic families in the Kelso and connecting eastern areas of the city of Bathurst. The school exists to support parents in the education of faith of their children.

While the school offers enrolment to Catholic children, non-Catholic children may also be considered. Acceptance of non-Catholic children will depend upon the reasons why the parents are seeking enrolment and the availability of vacancies in the appropriate grades.

Parents seeking to enrol children apply to the Principal. An ‘Application for Enrolment’ form must be completed and signed by a parent before an enrolment can be considered. Parents are also invited to meet with the Principal for an interview regarding enrolment. Subsequently, the Principal examines each individual case and notifies the parents of the outcome of their application. The Parish Priest and/or School Executive can also be included in the process to consider an enrolment application. All students enrolled must be prepared to support Catholic values and are required to participate in the School’s Religious Education Program. Parents must also be prepared to meet their obligations as listed on the School’s Enrolment Application form.

A student with a disability or special need, can be considered via the Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst (CEDB) Policy. This Policy exists to ascertain that the school is able to provide adequate resources to cater for the student’s learning needs.

In some grades the school has a limited enrolment capacity of two classes per grade. Due to this limited capacity it can be necessary to refuse enrolment to some applicants. It is possible that a waiting list exists for some grades. Students are not accepted on a ‘first in’ basis.

As a guide, the following priority order is considered in determining enrolments at the school:

  1. Students of continuing families at Holy Family Catholic Primary School. This may include brothers and sisters of students already attending the school.
  2. Children baptised Catholic living within the Kelso/Raglan and connecting eastern areas of Bathurst.
  3. Baptised Catholic children living outside the Kelso and eastern boundary.
  4. Non-Catholic baptised children with a Catholic parent or care giver.
  5. Non-Catholic children whose parents wish them to have a Christian Education and agree for them to participate in the School’s R.E. Program.
  6. The Principal and Parish Priest reserve the right to determine acceptance of enrolments. The priority order may be varied at the discretion of the Principal or Parish Priest in accordance with individual consideration of each enrolment application.


  • Parents are welcome to make inquiries about enrolment applications at any time.
  • An enrolment pack is issued to interested parents. This includes a folder, Handbook, Enrolment Application Form, and School Fee Schedule.
  • Parents are encouraged to lodge a completed Enrolment Application Form in the year preceding commencement of school.
  • Fully completed Enrolment Application Forms need to have attached a copy of the child’s Immunisation History Statement, Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate. For students entering 1-6 grades, a copy of the most recent School Report should also accompany the child’s forms.

Kindergarten Enrolment Procedures:

  • The combined Cathedral Parish Catholic Primary Schools advertise locally to inform parents that Enrolment Applications are due to be received. It is requested that Applications be lodged by the end of Term 2 the year prior to commencement. Advertisements appear in the local newspapers, the Parish Bulletin and via the School Newsletter.
  • Parents are encouraged to meet with the Principal to discuss the Enrolment Application and ask questions, etc.
  • In early August, each Kindergarten Application is considered and written offers are made to fill the placements at the school.
  • Successful Applications are required to sign an ‘Acceptance’ form and return this to the school by the set date.
  • The Principal informs unsuccessful Applications in writing. Parents may opt to place their child’s name on a waiting list.


New enrolments for Kindergarten are invited to a ‘Kindergarten Pathways Program’ held at the school in Term 4. This includes an evening tour of the school and parent meeting. As well, two half days are designated in November for the students to attend school as an orientation in the Kindy classrooms. This has been a very successful program at the school.


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