Student Transport


The NSW Department of Transport provides free bus transport for students to attend school in NSW. Local buses bring students to the bus zone near the front gate of the school in French Smith Place. Students leave the school in buses from this designated bus zone also.


Parents can complete an online ‘Application Form for Subsidised Travel’ at the link below. The school will then approve the application and a bus pass will be sent to the student directly.


A ‘Code of Conduct’ exists and is applied to school students on buses. It is every student’s responsibility to behave in a manner that ensures safety and comfort of passengers and drivers. This includes:

Behaving appropriately:

  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers (eg. no use of offensive or racist language, fighting, spitting, placing feet on seats, throwing things in or from the bus, eating or drinking – except water – unless the bus operator gives written permission.)
  • Give up seats to all adults and any disabled passengers.
  • Adhere to the law than bans smoking on buses.
  • Obey reasonable directions from the driver (eg. where to sit or to remain in the bus).
  • Keep arms, legs and heads inside the bus.
  • Refrain from attracting the attention of the driver except in the case of emergency.

Respecting property:

  • Protect bus property.
  • Ensure that buses are not vandalized.
  • Report any vandalism eg. graffiti and window etching.

Holding passes:

  • Show travel passes or tickets to the driver on boarding and when requested.
  • Use the travel pass only for its intended purpose.
  • 'Swipe’ or ‘Dip’ passes in ticket readers if available when boarding.
  • Keep your travel pass for your own use – you should not lend your pass to other students or borrow one from them.

Disobeying these rules may lead to the withdrawal of school bus travel passes and/or prosecution.


Parents also provide transport to Holy Family School. Private vehicles are encouraged to drop children off at the top of French Smith Place outside the school. In the afternoons, this is the best pick up location as well. A visitor’s carpark is also available. This is a good place to park when parents need to bring their child into the school, or to visit the office or staff.


  • Roadways and streets near schools are busy places in the morning and afternoon.
  • Slow down when driving near our school.
  • Drive slowly, keep a good look out and be aware when near the school.
  • Try to avoid reversing when near the school.
  • Keep an eye out for buses and merging traffic.
  • Use seat belts and ensure the children use seat belts.
  • Encourage children to get out of the car via the passenger’s side of the vehicle.
  • Remember almost 400 children arrive and depart from Holy Family School each day.
  • We all have a responsibility to the safety of our school community.