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Holy Family Catholic Primary School welcomes you! Our school at Kelso strives to provide a warm, supportive, family focused environment here in Bathurst. We value our vital link to the Cathedral Parish and we share the role of providing a comprehensive, quality Catholic Education for families.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School is well recognized in the community for providing a rounded Catholic Education that seeks to develop the whole person. The school recognizes the partnership between school and home in providing an educational, faith filled environment that also seeks to develop the full potential of each and every child.

Since the school first opened in 1979, we have worked to promote the ideals of family and develop a genuine family environment. The school even celebrates the end of year with a Family Night! A wonderful tradition at our school.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School offers a contemporary and relevant Religious Education Program. We recognise our role in supporting parents, the first educators of their children, in the ways of faith. Our school constantly celebrates Catholic life through prayer, liturgy, pastoral care and the Sacraments. We have a commitment to the Missions and we call our community to act in times of crisis (eg. Haiti earthquake).

The school strives to provide a caring school environment, expressing a genuine concern for the uniqueness of each child. Our staff actively encourage students to achieve ‘their personal best’.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School offers a comprehensive K-6 academic program. Our teachers hold recognized University qualifications. We provide a well resourced learning environment which promotes quality teaching and learning.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School has a strong commitment to a discipline policy that fosters self-discipline. We strive to help students take responsibility for their actions and behaviour. The school is proactive in regard to student bullying issues. We incorporate ‘restorative practices’ in our dealings with children involved in behaviour issues.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School has a proud history of parental involvement. Since its opening, the school has been blessed with a strong and continuous commitment from parents. Our active P & F Association provides moral and financial support to the school.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School enjoys a tradition of sporting excellence. We include a vigorous physical education program at the school and our senior students have a recognised pathway for representative sport. Our extra-curricular program promotes enjoyment of learning and is highly motivating for our students.

Our school has the highest commitment to Child Protection and the care and support of our students. We follow all CEDB Child Protection Policies and we have a srong commitment to student welfare and well-being. We welcome you to Holy Family Catholic Primary School Kelso1

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