Excursions give students the opportunity to participate in learning experiences in the wider community setting. The aim of excursions is to reinforce and supplement the school’s curriculum. Excursions at Holy Family School need to be clearly linked to class learning, topics, units or themes.


The following points summarise organisational details regarding excursions:

  • The Principal’s approval must be given before an excursion is organised.
  • No child can be taken on an excursion unless the teacher is in the possession of a signed permission note that lists full details of the excursion, including mode of travel. This note must be signed by the class teachers and countersigned by the Principal. A school pro-forma is available for the teachers to complete. Notes must be taken on the excursion. Permission notes must be retained at the school following the excursion.
  • During an out-of-school activity, the teacher has continual responsibility for the safety of the children from the moment of leaving the school to the moment of return.
  • Teachers taking students on excursions must have the appropriate First Aid/C.P.R. qualifications. Teachers should refer to the extended school policies on excursions and CEDB Policies and Procedures Manual “Excursions & School Camps”.
  • A ‘Risk Assessment – Excursions’ proforma must be completed by the teacher organising an excursion.
  • A ‘Risk Assessment – Allergies, Ailments, Special Needs’ proforma must also be completed by the teacher organising an excursion.
  • An ‘Accident Report’ proforma must be completed by the teacher organising an excursion should an accident or injury occur on an excursion.
  • Generally, excursion costs are paid by parents.
  • All excursion paperwork – permission notes, risk assessments, accident reports are filed at the school.


As an example, the following might be excursion venues used for student learning at Holy Family School:

  • Peace Park
  • Machattie Park
  • Police Station
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Post Office
  • Western Advocate
  • Railway Station
  • Macquarie River
  • Canberra
  • Bathurst Council
  • Miss Trail’s House
  • Mt Piper Power Station
  • Bathurst Goldfields


Holy Family School Year 6 students usually participate in an overnight excursion to Canberra. The National Capital has numerous venues and locations of high interest and relevance to the learning program. These could include: The Australian War Memorial, Federal Electoral Centre, Parliament House and Old Parliment House, Questacon and the Australian Institute of Sport.


Excursions at Holy Family Catholic Primary School are extra-curricular events and so are privileges for the students. Students need to earn their privilege to attend a school excursion. In the lead up time to excursions, students must demonstrate co-operative behaviour at school, adherence to school rules and show an acceptable level of respect towards staff. Poor behaviour at school can lead to the school withdrawing a student’s right to attend an excursion.

The school reserves the right to withdraw a student from a school excursion.

Year 1 at Miss Trail's House in Bathurst.