Assessment & Reporting


The school’s student assessment program intends to assist teachers in their classroom work and inform parents of the progress of their children. The school values progress reporting to parents. We believe that student development is enhanced when there is close co-operation and communication between home and school.


At Holy Family School, this includes:

  • End of Term 1 Parent Teacher Interviews in the Hall.
  • End of Term 2 Student Report (Available on our Compass Parent Portal).
  • End of Term 4 Student Report (Available on our Compass Parent Portal).
  • Sending home of student ‘Gold Book’. Used around the middle of Terms 1 & 3. The Gold Book provides a ‘snapshot’ or profile of the child’s classwork. Gold Books are sent home twice each year.
  • University of NSW English, Writing, Spelling, Maths, Digital Technologies & Science Annual Competitions. Individual student report issued. (Optional competitions for Years 2-6).
  • NAPLAN Testing (National Assessment Program – Literacy & Numeracy) conducted in Years 3 and 5. Literacy, numeracy and writing tested. Formal report issued to students. (All students in Years 3 & 5 enter these programs.)


At Holy Family School, this includes:

  • Regular weekly homework. Provides a sample of current student work for parents each week.
  • Noting of particular student achievement via newsletter and reward systems. (eg. Bookwork Awards, Principal’s Awards, Merit Awards).
  • Grade nights for parents at the beginning of the year.
  • Presentations at school assemblies.
  • ‘Open Classrooms’ afternoon for parents during Catholic Schools Week.
  • Sending home of completed classwork (eg. at the end of each term).
  • Sending home of test work as completed in the classroom.
  • Project and assignment work as displayed in classrooms and school office areas.


Parents are welcome to discuss with the staff, matters concerning student assessment. We encourage parents to make an appointment with the class teacher at any time through the year as need arises.