Academic Success


Holy Family Catholic Primary School strives to provide a comprehensive education for all students. This includes a vibrant Religious Education Program that celebrates Catholic life. As well, it includes a robust academic program centered on teaching in the recognised Key Learning Areas. Literacy and numeracy programs are paramount here. Our comprehensive education also includes a strong extra-curricular program at the school.


Holy Family Catholic Primary School implements the new Australian Curriculum. The NSW Education Standards Authority governs the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in NSW schools. Academic success in future years will relate to the Australian Curriculum.


Bathurst Diocesan schools participate in the Diocesan Religious Education Test. This online test requires Year 6 students to complete questions which test knowledge and understanding of Religious Education taught at the school. Six main areas are tested: Church, Scripture, Sacraments, Liturgical Year, Prayer and Beliefs and Decision Making. Students in the Bathurst Diocese complete the test mid-year. Results include:

Year 6 NSW Religious Education Test
Year 6, 2022 7 Distinctions, 27 Credits, 16 Participation


The school recognises and celebrates the academic achievements of students. We seek to have our students strive for their ‘personal best’ in all academic areas. Each year, our Years 3 & 5 students participate in NAPLAN testing (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy). This Australia wide testing assists schools in recognising academic success of students.

2022 NAPLAN results indicate academic success at Holy Family School.

Student achievement in 2022 NAPLAN testing can be viewed as a comparison to the ‘National Average’:

Year 3 Reading:

HFS Average 438

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 5 Reading:

HFS Average 507

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 3 Writing:

HFS Average 430

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 5 Writing:

HFS Average 515

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 3 Spelling:

HFS Average 421

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 5 Spelling:

HFS Average 512

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 3 Grammar / Punctuation:

HFS Average 436

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 5 Grammar / Punctuation:

HFS Average 516

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 3 Numeracy:

HFS Average 394

(Above 2022 National Average)

Year 5 Numeracy:

HFS Average 495

(Above 2022 National Average)


The University of NSW coordinates “Annual International Competitions and Assessment for Schools”. This includes online academic competitions for Years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 in Maths, English, Spelling, Writing, Science and Digital Technologies.

At Holy Family, parents are invited to nominate their child for these competitions held throughout the year. They are particularly good academic opportunities which enrich and extend student thinking and problem solving.

The University of NSW awards certificates for academic success in these competitions. A High Distinction is awarded for student performance in the top 1% of NSW/ACT schools. A Credit is awarded for student performance in the next 20% of NSW/ACT.

In 2022, Holy Family School students achieved:

Maths: 1 Distinctions, 9 Credits

English: 2 Distinctions, 1 Credit, 1 Merit

Writing:  1 Distinction, 3 Credits, 3 Merits

Spelling: 2 Distinctions, 2 Credits, 2 Merits

Science: 3 Distinctions, 3 Credits, 1 Merit

Digital Technologies: 2 Credits, 2 Merits

These results are a good indicator of academic success at Holy Family School.